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There are over 500 million domestic cats in the world with almost 40 known breeds.

Everything there is to know about cats. The following 10 facts are likely to surprise even the biggest cat fans. Cats are curious spontaneous creatures with attitude and sass like no other animal. Microsoft may earn an affiliate commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.

No wonder cats are often reluctant to enter their carrier. A bowl full of food can last days. Cats love their routine their comfort and their territory.

There is one thing that you. Everything there is to know. The following 10 facts are likely to surprise even the biggest cat fans.

Cats are strange and mysterious creatures and it turns out theres much to learn about them even if you already own several and. If we cats are willing to let you capture us on film the least you can do is provide us with a bit of play time in exchangeor let a cartoon cat amuse you instead. The average lifespan of a cat is 13 to 17 years but a.

There are tons of kittens adult cats and senior cats that are looking for forever homes so youre sure to find your perfect match. Here you will read everything you need to know about cats and kittens aside from the articles we have posted. Do this a few days in advance to minimize stress for you and your cat on homecoming day in the excitement of bringing your cat home you dont want to suddenly discover at 8 pm.

Here are 10 fun and interesting things you didnt know about cats. However there are ways to make your cat change opinion about their carrier. To know them is to love them and even if you label yourself a cat lover you still may not know everything about the feline kind.

It is completely opposite to the purpose of cat carriers in which you break your cats routine to take them away from their comfort and territory. First we will get into the different breeds of cats then go over a cats mentality and needs as well as their diet what they can and cant eat. Cats know how to ration their food.

Thats not the only weird cat fact you probably didnt know. Before you bring your new cat or kitten home there are a number of things to collect or buy so your cat will feel like a family member rather than a visitor. Their only weakness is a can of wet food.

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